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Managing Attorney

We are in search of a person whose focus is managing multiple projects concurrently, independence, individualism, assertiveness, determination, and emphasis on big-picture strategic thinking. You must be poised and have an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm. The work involves driving toward results by engaging the commitment and buy-in of others – both prospective clients and team members.


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  • Who We Are

    Founded in 2013, Brotman Law focuses exclusively on resolving tax issues for businesses, their owners, and their officers. We have developed a sterling reputation in the community for our work on California state and Federal tax issues. Through our goal-oriented approach to dealing with client issues, we help lead our clients on the journey from tax crisis to tax optimization and having their tax position be one of strength. Our clients are awesome to work with and great people and it is a pleasure to advocate continually on their behalf.

    We are a high-touch, client service driven law firm where our team is challenged to not only address client needs, but to proactively seek to provide value to them in all areas through our network of resources. Our Firm emphasizes compassion, communication, and details and works to develop deep relationships with our clients.

    Equally, we are an entrepreneurial-minded law firm. We are focused on growth and innovation. We embrace change and continually strive to make things better. We practice what we preach.

  • We Are Growing

    Brotman Law is a place where we cultivate the very best from our team members and strive to be a platform of personal, professional, and financial success for our team as well as our clients. We are a very collaborative and dynamic culture focused on providing the very best for our clients. The environment can be fast paced at times and our office is a place for challenge, not for comfort. However, work-life balance is one of our main core values and we compensate achievement of results with investment and replenishment in our own team members.

Join us as our:

Managing Attorney

The focus and themes of this position are managing multiple projects concurrently, independence, individualism, assertiveness, determination, and emphasis on big-picture strategic thinking. Clients retain us for organization, accountability and ultimately results. Our managing attorney plays to win and manages the team to accomplish those objectives.

This role requires a style that is directive and determined; a venturer who will stick their neck out and take responsibility for risks when they believe they are right. Our Firm creates a support structure to encourage calculated risk taking on behalf of our clients.

The ideal candidate finds the challenge of new problems and new ventures stimulating and responds to them with action. They will have a lot of confidence in themselves, their own knowledge, ability, and decisions.

The position requires an ingenious and innovative problem-solver and trouble-shooter, with an actively inquiring mind, a lively interest in the technical aspects of the work, and a strong curiosity about the systems, techniques, facts, and concepts involved in it.

Personally assertive, this candidate will drive hard to get things done quickly. A self-starter, they initiate, make decisions, and assume responsibility for them. The candidate will have a strong competitive drive, is ambitious and will be highly motivated to achieve their goals.

Position Overview

You will appreciate these things about the role:


  • Things are never uninteresting in our office. The landscape of responsibilities in this role changes, there is always a variety of activities – you will have the freedom on how they are addressed. We deal with interesting and challenging legal situation and often have to make decisions where the path forward is not entirely clear.
  • Each day is a new adventure. You will have freedom from routine or repetition, opportunities to learn and advance to greater responsibility, and act on your ideas. You will readily accept the reward of your decisions and will deal with ambiguous situations firmly and briskly.
  • You will experience a high degree of personal and professional satisfaction. You will get to work with great clients and great people. We work on challenging and interesting issues that have real impact on the clients that we serve. Our position is one of great importance to our clients and you will be a trusted advisor for them. The relationships that you make here will enrich your professional and personal life.
  • You are in charge. You will be able to utilize your strong sense of urgency for results and you will easily be able to lead or help others when necessary. Because you’re a strategic thinker, you’ll be able to focus on how things get done. You are an independent decision maker, and do not require consensus and we will embrace your direct, factual, outspoken, and frank nature, as well as your authoritative approach when meeting resistance or competition. You will receive input from a variety of people in a highly intelligent and collaborative culture, but ultimately the buck stops with you.
  • You will manage and be part of a great team. You are more concerned with the achievement of objectives, and the big picture, than with details, and thus will delegate the execution of details freely. You will have the team and the resources that you need and the support of an entrepreneurial and innovative legal culture that will provide you with what you need and give you the flexibility to experiment in your role. You are a firm, authoritative and serious-minded manager. You are comfortable being a mentor to junior staff and to equally investing the time/resources to make your team better.


  • Assist in fostering a consistent client experience based on our vision and our values as an organization.
  • Be a good steward for our organization as a leader, as a manager, and as an attorney.
  • Effectively lead and direct legal strategy on cases with the support of the Firm Owner and other attorneys/staff in the office.
  • Define clear objectives for representation based on client goals.
  • Manage Firm and client resources to accomplish those objectives as efficiently as is practicable.
  • Be able to spot problems and opportunities for clients and on the team and be proactive about resolving issues.
  • Clearly communicate with clients and other counsel
  • Lead, mentor and provide coaching through respectful interactions with other associates and staff.
  • Provide input and feedback to maintain an excellent client experience
  • Accurately track time spent on each client case
  • With Case Manager assistance and administrative assistance, manage workflow, complete tasks daily, ensure deadlines are met, files are organized and up-to-date, and work is completed correctly
  • Supervise the work of other attorneys and paralegal when appropriate to assist with clients/matters
  • Meet with prospects and potential new clients (as needed and calendared) for the purpose of discussing their legal issues, helping them understand how the firm can help them, obtaining a signed engagement agreement, and onboarding the matter
  • Conduct unflappable connections with internal team members as well as external clients and entities
  • Follow all firm policies and procedures

Education and Experience

  • Juris Doctorate (required)
  • Member in good standing of the California Bar Association
  • More than ten (10) years of experience as an attorney possessing both a technical knowledge of tax and experience in past leadership roles.
  • CPA/LLM (preferred)
  • Demonstrable experience in:
    • Independently handling complex tax controversy matters on a California and Federal level (rules, regulations, strategies)
    • Managing a caseload independently, including meeting metrics and Key Performance Indicators.
    • Directing/overseeing the work of other associates, paralegals, and assistants
    • Completing tasks and projects in a timely manner
    • Successfully working in a fast-paced office environment


At Brotman Law, we know that our people are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing a dynamic environment where everyone can be their best, achieving what they desire both personally and professionally.


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  • Develops marketing plans and marketing budget with strategies and tactics (both short and long range) to ensure that the firm reaches or exceeds revenue targets.
  • Researches, analyzes, and monitors market, financial, technological, and demographic factors so that opportunities may be capitalized on quickly and the possibility of competitors capturing market share is minimized.
  • Plans, oversees the organization of the firm’s CRM systems, advertising and promotion activities including print, radio, TV, digital, and direct mail tactics.
  • Selects and project manages outside contractors and vendors on ongoing marketing projects.
  • Works with writers and graphic artists and oversees copywriting, design, layout, and production of marketing items.
  • Develops and recommends pricing strategy for the firm which will result in the greatest share of the market over the long run.
  • Achieves satisfactory return on investment on marketing tactics as well as achieve a satisfactory share of the market.
  • Evaluates results to ensure moving swiftly in relation to marketing challenges and opportunities to be certain that revenue targets are reached or exceeded.
  • Conducts client feedback activities through implementation of client surveys and implementation of complaint systems to avoid and/or calm dissatisfied clients.
  • Creates and implements marketing metrics systems that track results so there is a data driven feedback system to aid in decisions.
  • Creates a firm culture of “rainmaking” by designing and implementing training and coaching firm-wide for personnel.
  • Other dues as may be assigned by the Owners.


  • A demonstrative and proven track record of successfully growing law firms or other professional service firms for at least 5 years
  • Strong team building; interpersonal skills and people management skills
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of internet marketing, including experience with direct response marketing
  • Must be self-motivated and self-directed to achieve his or her professional goals and CFEP’s goals.
  • Self-starter who thrives on immersion in a rapidly changing environment and excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Highly organized with a strong sense of urgency to get positive results
  • Ability to manage budgets, contract management, venros, and project management.
  • Strong ability to create systems for tracking marketing metrics and using those metrics to make marketing recommendations/decisions.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and creative problem solving.

Education and/or Experience

  • B.A. degree with major in business, marketing, advertising, or communications preferred, but overall, a strong track record with or without a degree is essential.
  • Experience with Windows Operating System, Office 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Keap/Infusionsoft and/or Zoho, is preferred but not required.

Key Performance Indicators

  • % over/under firm’s revenue target
  • # of Qualified Leads
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • ROI of Marketing Budget and improvement of ROI month-over-month/year-over-year
  • Lead to Client Conversion Rate

This post closes November 1, 2021.


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We believe our people are our most valuable asset, and we are committed to providing a dynamic environment where everyone can be their best. This Survey is not a test, there are no right or wrong responses, and we’re not looking for any specific answers.


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