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The focus of this job is on producing high quality, detailed work based on established standards, guidelines and procedures.


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  • Who We Are

    Lively Law Firm was founded in 2019 by Ashley Lively to address the needs of the immigrant community in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. We believe our country’s strength lies in our diversity and that we are better when we work together. We specialize in issues around asylum, citizenship, family immigration, nonimmigrant visa, deportation defense, temporary protection status, victims of trafficking and waivers and consular processing.

  • We Are Growing

    We are a very collaborative and dynamic culture that is focused on the professional and personal development of our staff. And we are at a growth inflection point and we want to get it right when it comes to hiring staff in every role. We pride ourselves on being well run, extremely organized, innovative and a great place to work. And we’ve got our culture down to the most minute detail. Our retention rate is high because frankly, we’re a great place to work.

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The focus of this job is on producing high quality, detailed work based on established standards, guidelines and procedures. Precise, consistent work output is essential requiring patience and a willingness to handle and complete one task at a time. Our firm/the job environment is stable, based on relationships with people and well-defined processes. Job knowledge and competency is built through structured step-by-step training and positive, supportive coaching from every firm member. Communication with others is based on knowledge of job routines and procedures gained from experience. Consistent, error free work based on defined regulations and standards are key measures of job performance success. The job environment promotes steady, methodical work output so that job routines can be completed on time and error-free. This position is designed to develop a valued technical Paralegal, who, recognized and supported by management and a stable work environment, can deliver quality work on a consistent basis.

Position Overview

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  • Our work environment is a steady, even pace that promotes accuracy and quality of work
  • We’ll provide you with a complete set of procedures and tasks and allow you complete what you’re working on before consistently adding new tasks
  • You’ll get to your technical/analytical focus
  • You’ll work within established systems, standards, and procedures
  • Decision-making is within clearly defined job scope and based on defined policies
  • You’ll be totally supported by management
  • Together we are helpful, supportive communicators
  • We take a collaborative approach in our structured environment
  • We’ll appreciate your leadership style which is focused on consistent, accurate, quality work output
  • We operate in a supportive, non-threatening leadership style


You can speak Spanish fluently and have 2-4 years of previous paralegal experience.


Legal Assistants are prohibited by the ABA’s rules of Professional Conduct and State Bar Association rules from practicing law. All work done by Legal Assistants must be in support of and under the direct supervision of an attorney.


In dealing with clients, Legal Assistants must be careful not to inadvertently slip into the unlawful practice of law. This would include answering client questions about what will happen in their case or recommending that a client undertake a certain course of action during their case.


  • Develops marketing plans and marketing budget with strategies and tactics (both short and long range) to ensure that the firm reaches or exceeds revenue targets.
  • Researches, analyzes, and monitors market, financial, technological, and demographic factors so that opportunities may be capitalized on quickly and the possibility of competitors capturing market share is minimized.
  • Plans, oversees the organization of the firm’s CRM systems, advertising and promotion activities including print, radio, TV, digital, and direct mail tactics.
  • Selects and project manages outside contractors and vendors on ongoing marketing projects.
  • Works with writers and graphic artists and oversees copywriting, design, layout, and production of marketing items.
  • Develops and recommends pricing strategy for the firm which will result in the greatest share of the market over the long run.
  • Achieves satisfactory return on investment on marketing tactics as well as achieve a satisfactory share of the market.
  • Evaluates results to ensure moving swiftly in relation to marketing challenges and opportunities to be certain that revenue targets are reached or exceeded.
  • Conducts client feedback activities through implementation of client surveys and implementation of complaint systems to avoid and/or calm dissatisfied clients.
  • Creates and implements marketing metrics systems that track results so there is a data driven feedback system to aid in decisions.
  • Creates a firm culture of “rainmaking” by designing and implementing training and coaching firm-wide for personnel.
  • Other dues as may be assigned by the Owners.


  • A demonstrative and proven track record of successfully growing law firms or other professional service firms for at least 5 years
  • Strong team building; interpersonal skills and people management skills
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of internet marketing, including experience with direct response marketing
  • Must be self-motivated and self-directed to achieve his or her professional goals and CFEP’s goals.
  • Self-starter who thrives on immersion in a rapidly changing environment and excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Highly organized with a strong sense of urgency to get positive results
  • Ability to manage budgets, contract management, venros, and project management.
  • Strong ability to create systems for tracking marketing metrics and using those metrics to make marketing recommendations/decisions.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and creative problem solving.

Education and/or Experience

  • B.A. degree with major in business, marketing, advertising, or communications preferred, but overall, a strong track record with or without a degree is essential.
  • Experience with Windows Operating System, Office 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Keap/Infusionsoft and/or Zoho, is preferred but not required.

Key Performance Indicators

  • % over/under firm’s revenue target
  • # of Qualified Leads
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • ROI of Marketing Budget and improvement of ROI month-over-month/year-over-year
  • Lead to Client Conversion Rate

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