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who is a result focused leader who can motivate a team and has a passion for immigrants to achieve a better life in the United States


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  • Who We Are

    The Quiroga Law Office PLLC was founded in 2009. Our mission is to stand with bravery next to as many immigrants as possible to fight and protect their ability to live, work, and thrive in the United States. We are a law firm for immigrants by immigrants. We represent clients nation-wide and focus in issues around asylum, citizenship, family immigration, nonimmigrant visas, deportation defense, temporary protection status, green cards, waivers and consular processing.

    We provide advice and representation not only to individuals, but also to businesses on all family-based visa scenarios, green cards, and various state and federal filings. Basically put – we’re all about immigration.

  • We Are Growing

    We are a very collaborative and dynamic culture that is focused on the professional and personal development of our staff. We are at a growth inflection point and we want to get it right when it comes to hiring staff in every role. We pride ourselves on being well run, extremely organized, innovative and a great place to work. To learn more about us please click here.

Join us as our:

Professional Legal Administrator

The focus of this job is on achieving results which are aligned with the larger picture of the organization and its strategic goals. Initiative, coupled with a sense of competitive drive, and the ability to stay focused on results despite changing conditions, is the key to achieving the performance objectives of this job. Because environmental and organizational conditions change rapidly when doing immigration work, the work involves innovation and creativity in generating ideas for quick response. Decision-making is focused on implementing practical, timely solutions. The job requires getting things done quickly and handling a variety of activities. Self-assurance, and the confidence to purposely drive toward results while constantly problem-solving and engaging the commitment of others is essential. A leadership style that is firm and goal oriented, and yet motivates, trains, and engages others in an enthusiastic way is important. The emphasis on building rapport and relationships with individuals and groups requires an outgoing, poised and persuasive communication style. Because the pace of the work is faster than average, the ability to learn quickly and thoroughly while continually recognizing and adapting to changing conditions is critical. The scope of the job may require effective delegation to proven people. Especially routine and repetitive details should be delegated but with responsibility for follow up and accountability for timely results. While the job requires the ability to act independently, a sense of urgency and the confidence to handle a variety of challenges, a full commitment to the success of the business and high standards of achievement are expected in this position. The emphasis is on results, and effective systems that achieve results through and with people, rather than on the details of implementation. The job environment is flexible, constantly changing and provides growth opportunity, recognition and reward for the achievement of business results.

Position Overview

When you read these job characteristics, we know you’ll be happy because:


  • We’ll appreciate your sense of urgency for goal achievement
  • You’ll appreciate doing varied activities and having multiple, simultaneous projects and multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment
  • We’ll appreciate your results focus, idea generation, innovative and creative problem solving
  • You’ll love our rapport and relationship building focus on achieving results
  • We love how you engage commitment from others and your problem-solving orientation
  • We’ll embrace your action-oriented and collaborative decision-making
  • Quick decision making in response to changing conditions
  • Extroverted, confident, enthusiastic, persuasive Influences, stimulates others to action Collaboration focused on results
  • Authoritative leadership based on generalist expertise, knowledge of systems
  • Directive leadership to assure business results are achieved
  • Delegation of details as necessary, with follow up on timeliness and quality
  • Accountability for results

Reporting Relationship

The position reports to the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. This is an executive-level position with a compensation plan that includes a salary and benefits.


We are looking for an individual with the experience and maturity to keep the Firm’s needs in the forefront and work closely with the owner and key staff on strategy, policy, problem-solving, and decision making. This position will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing and controlling the day-to-day operations of the firm, and for directing the implementation of firm policies. This position is responsible for improving both our people and our systems.


You must be able to show evidence of prior success with:


  • Playing a role in management of teams of 50+ people and large budgets
  • Systems management and process refinement to ensure matters are handled appropriately so that client needs are met, legal and ethical requirements are met, and clients receive excellent service
  • Strong skills in employee management and leadership, supervision, building culture, and termination
  • Learning how to measure what matters and using common financial reports to make business decisions
  • Managing bookkeepers, accountants, technology services, and other vendors.


We care about skills and experience just as much as behavior, habits, and attitudes … you must:


  • Not only “adapt” to change, but lead change-drive it and thrive in it
  • Talk more about the solution than the problem
  • Equally embrace both aspects of the “work/life balance”
  • Have a high energy level
  • Never hesitate to praise when deserved and correct when needed
  • Have a thick skin and high empathy
  • Have a sense of humor in equal measure to your sense of compassion
  • Have keen conflict resolution skills (not conflict avoidance skills)
  • Accessible to team as needed

Education and/or Experience

  • B.A. degree with major in business, marketing, advertising, or communications preferred, but overall, a strong track record with or without a degree is essential.
  • Experience with Windows Operating System, Office 365, Google Workspace, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Keap/Infusionsoft and/or Zoho, is preferred but not required.

Key Performance Indicators

  • % over/under firm’s revenue target
  • # of Qualified Leads
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • ROI of Marketing Budget and improvement of ROI month-over-month/year-over-year
  • Lead to Client Conversion Rate

This post closes October 31, 2021 – you have this much time left to apply:


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